Protection to Enhance the sound you love and Preserve your hearing

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Music Hearing Protection


Protection and Enhancement for your lifestyle

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Lifestyle Hearing Protection


Designed and Built for Professionals. Optimised for Performance and customised for you.

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Motorsports Hearing Protection


Protection and comfort without Isolation to preserve your senses

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Motorcyclists Hearing Protection


Providing Consistent Protection to preserve hearing at Work

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Industrial Hearing Protection


Sleep soundly in comfort

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Sleeping Hearing Protection


Effective communication solutions to enhance and protect

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Communication Hearing Protection


Blast the target not your hearing!

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Shooting Hearing Protection


Protect your ears against the elements

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Swimming Hearing Protection
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Custom Solutions from Minerva Hearing

Preserve your hearing, one of your most vital senses
Enhance your audio experience
Protect against damaging noise levels

Minerva Hearing  Preserve • Enhance • Protect

Custom Hearing Protection, In Ear Monitors and Communications

The Leading UK provider of Custom Hearing Products

Minerva Hearing is the longest established custom hearing product specialist in Europe with more than 8 million custom ear pieces produced.  To provide the ultimate service we put you first by offering the highest levels of customer quality and service. This together with our quality products at competitive prices helps you buy with confidence .  Come to Minerva Hearing to Preserve your valuable hearing, Enhance your Audio Experience and Protect against harmful noise levels.  Your hearing is a vital sense which you need to look after for your Work and Leisure lifestyle choices.

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Latest News

Hearing Protection

A full range of hearing protectors with acoustic filters, custom fitted to the exact shape of your ear canal, to give you the most effective hearing protection, at the lowest cost. All tailored for specific. applications so you can hear exactly what you need to and block out what you don’t.

In-Ear Monitors

Designed for musicians who will accept nothing less than crystal clear sound quality every time. Using the most advanced balanced armature transducers encased in highly durable silicone, the Mi-Performer range is designed for perfection and built to last.


All our WorkPlugs are EN352-2 certified to ensure full compliance with the Control of Noise at Work (2005) Act. Acoustic filters block out harmful sounds but still allow for normal communication and listening clarity.

Ear Moulds

We have been producing custom ear moulds for the NHS for over 60 years. We continually offer new materials and use cutting-edge technology such as 3D scanning and printing to produce ear moulds of the highest quality.