Getting products custom fitted can still be complex, but we’ve made ordering a straightforward process; after payment you book your free impression taking appointment at the nearest fitting centre. The centre will contact you to confirm your appointment; you just need to show up and we’ll take it from there.

Convenient Fitting Locations

With over 80 fitting centres nationwide you’re sure to have one within your locality.

Value for money

You’ll get high quality at lower prices than our competitors because of our experience in our long-established custom earmould business.

10 day delivery

You won’t wait as long for your custom fitted products because we offer the fastest standard turnaround; your custom ear plugs or in-ear monitors will be delivered free of charge just 10 working days after we receive your impressions.

Free Impression Storage

You can easily order new or replacement products.  Your ear mould impressions are 3D scanned and digitally stored for two years.

Perfect Fit

You can be sure of a perfect fit because we’ve made more than 8 million custom earpieces since 1952. If your fit isn’t as comfortable or effective as expected just return them to us within 30 days and we will put it right.