The Minerva Free Stage 3D Scanner. 

Designed with safety, efficiency, and quality
conscious Audiologists in mind…

– Minimise contact with impressions
– Take impressions, safely scan and dispose
– Create 2 accurate ear scans in less than 1 minute
– Real-time scan transfer to Minerva
– Simplifies workflow through the department
– Removes costly packaging and postal costs
– Reduce postal delays & improve turnaround time

Our Free Stage scanner offers simultaneous binaural scanning in under 30 seconds, with quiet operation meaning it won’t disturb colleagues or customers. With the NOAH interface, the scanner will easily integrate with your current system. The scanner provides a high level of accuracy and unlimited scans. Scanning impressions on-site allows you to upload the 3D impression scan in a matter of seconds.


Using the Free Stage scanner will eliminate any postage costs you incur sending impressions to us. This machine will really prove cost-effective for reducing spend on packing, materials, and postage costs and can pay for itself for users with higher volumes. With purchase plans available, we’ll do what we can to work with your budget.

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