Five ways to prevent hearing loss

Many adults start to notice that their hearing isn’t what it once was when they find themselves turning the volume up on the TV or having to frequently ask people to speak a little louder during conversations. Often, this is put down to age. Your inner ears contain tiny hair cells that act as sound […]

Tinnitus – What is it? How can I prevent it?

Over seven million people in the UK are living with tinnitus, research shows, with figures set to soar before 2030. Figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) show that 7.1 million people aged 17 to 99 are suffering with the sensation, which causes ringing, buzzing, and humming in the ear. This is set to […]

What is filtered hearing protection and how does it help?

Filtered Hearing protection earplugs are essential to protect hearing against noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) and other related issues such as tinnitus and hyperacusis. Filtered earplugs have the added benefit of enhancing an individual’s ability to receive clear and accurate communications whilst blocking out harmful frequencies in a loud environment. You may be unsure whether hearing […]

The everyday items risking your hearing

When it comes to loud noises, live concerts, sports events, and heavy machinery are almost certain to have left our ears ringing at some point. Many of us will be aware of the damaging effects that excessively loud noises such as these can have on our hearing. But did you know everyday items like hair […]

Welsh National Opera protected by Minerva Hearing

Minerva Hearing is proud to support the arts in Wales by protecting the hearing of the Welsh National Opera. Fittings have commenced for the orchestra and chorus of the prestigious Welsh National Opera.  Exposure to harmful noise levels during rehearsal and performances have prompted the need to protect the hearing of the talented members of […]

F1 Motor Sport Hearing Protected by Minerva

Formula One roars into the sporting calendar and wearable technology developed by Minerva Hearing, is being used to protect the hearing Formula One pit crews and engineers against the extreme high decibels produced by race car engines. Cardiff-based Minerva specialises in custom-made noise cancelling earpieces for motorsport, and music as well as in-ear monitors (IEMs) […]