Hearing Protection in the Motor Industry: A Case Study

With 16 car dealerships and workshops across South Wales and the West, Mon Motors recognised the need to provide specialist hearing protection for the 400 employees working in its busy garages.

“Our workshops include servicing and repairs, such panel beating and welding, which can reach above the recognised working limits at times,” said Peter Barbrook, Health & Safety Manager at Mon Motors. “However, it is difficult to predict when noise could reach those damaging levels and it is vital that our employees are still able to communicate, to hear each other talk and hear the engines running throughout the day.

“Ear defenders are bulky, uncomfortable and inconvenient, as they need to be regularly removed and put back on again throughout the day, and disposable ear plugs do not offer the level of defence that we need, so it was clear that we needed specialist hearing protection.”


Minerva’s filtered custom work plugs have been custom-made for each Mon Motor employee, with all fittings carried out on site for minimal disruption.

The plugs have a specialist acoustic filter, which blocks out damaging frequencies whilst allowing speech and other low level sounds to still be heard, reducing noise without compromising safety or productivity in the workplace. As they are bespoke to each employee and made using the latest 3D technology, they are discreet and comfortable enough to wear all day.

“The service we receive from Minerva is second to none,” added Peter. “The team are always extremely responsive when we need extra information, or to fit new employees, and the feedback we’ve had from employees using the plugs has been very positive.

“We are a fast-growing business with a new branch opening in Chepstow and new employees starting with us on a regular basis, so having a hearing protection provider like Minerva, which can keep up with our pace and support our commitment to the highest levels of health and safety across the group, is vital.”