What is filtered hearing protection and how does it help?

Filtered Hearing protection earplugs are essential to protect hearing against noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) and other related issues such as tinnitus and hyperacusis. Filtered earplugs have the added benefit of enhancing an individual’s ability to receive clear and accurate communications whilst blocking out harmful frequencies in a loud environment. You may be unsure whether hearing protection earplugs are necessary for use while working or whilst enjoying activities outside of work. In this article, we will explore exactly how and who they help.

What are custom filtered earplugs how do they differ from other protection ?

Custom fitted earplugs are crafted to fit your ears to offer unsurpassed comfort, fit, and seal when worn. Filtered earplugs come in many variations and are highly customisable to suit your needs. They are inserted into the ear canal which offers greater hearing protection than standard ear defenders. They are also small and compact so can be worn discreetly and are comfortable to wear with additional PPE.

Filtered earplugs are used in workplaces to protect the user’s ears from constant and excessive noise that could potentially cause long term damage. They are also used to protect an individual’s ears from loud music and to improve the listening experience. Plugs can also protect from water intrusion, dust, or excessive wind noise.

Who do filtered earplugs help?

Many people rely on earplugs to reduce ambient noise like snoring partners, noisy neighbours, or traffic for a peaceful nights’ sleep.

Musicians use filtered earplugs to reduce noise ensuring that they can hear at a reduced level while protecting their ears from loud stage noise. Similarly, broadcasters and presenters utilise earplugs for noise reduction and clear communications.

Filtered earplugs are used by sportspeople particularly in motorsports due to the high level of noise present whilst in-ear monitoring earplugs provide them with the ability to receive clear and accurate communications from team radio Shooting industries use specific filters and active circuitry to protect their ears from the loud report of firearms.

Industrial use of filtered hearing protection earplugs provides consistent protection against life-changing hearing loss and tinnitus for those operating heavy machinery and working in environments with excessive noise.

Why should you wear filtered earplugs?

Hearing protection must be provided to an employee if they are exposed to levels of noise that reach 85 decibels.

By law, your employer must assess all noise exposure risks and provide adequate protection that ensures employees’ hearing is protected.

Hearing loss and tinnitus are very real everyday risks that people are exposed to daily through work and recreational activities. By wearing filtered earplugs, you will be protecting yourself against irreversible damage to your hearing whilst ensuring you can hear essential speech and ambient noise so that overprotection or isolation is avoided.

At Minerva Hearing, we have a range of earplugs to protect as well as enhancing and preserving your hearing. Your hearing is a vital sense which you need to look after for your work and leisure lifestyle choices, so browse our range to see how we can help.