There are so many different types of hearing protectors and everyone’s needs are slightly different.
Making the right choice can be difficult. Some types are cheaper, more comfortable or more effective than others.To decide which features are important for you read on.

Convenience and Effectiveness

Off the shelf earplugs and earmuffs are easy to buy, but the level of noise reduction you’ll receive depends on a good fit, which can be difficult to achieve even if you have been trained.

Custom fitted earplugs require a visit to a to be made, but as they are tailor made you’ll get a perfect acoustic seal and the exact level of protection every time.


The best hearing protector is the one that is properly worn 100 percent of the time when exposed to damaging noise which is why comfort is an important factor when choosing hearing protectors; if a hearing protector is uncomfortable it won’t be worn.

Earmuffs clamp over the ears and earplugs expand against the sensitive ear canals, so they can become uncomfortable over time. Custom made earplugs are shaped to exactly match the contours of your ears, giving such a perfect fit that once you’re used to them, you won’t feel them in.


Generic earplugs are a cheap way to protect your ears, they cost only a few pence and can be thrown away after use. The cost can add up though if your exposed to noise often because you need to replace them frequently.

Minerva custom earplugs work out between 6p-10p a day because they’ll last up to 4 years (after this time your ears will have changed, so the fit won’t be as effective). While there is a bigger up front investment, they are more cost-effective over time.

Appearance and Shape

Earmuffs aren’t practical for a lot of situations because of their size and shape, e.g. they won’t fit under a motorcycle helmet and would come of if you wear them when sleeping. Foam earplugs are more discreet, but look out of place on stage or on the dance floor.

The shape of all our custom made products have been selected for different situations, e.g. BikePlugs have a carved shape so they won’t rub against your helmet and cause discomfort, WorkPlugs feature handles to make them easy to remove. The appearance of all the earpieces can also be fully customised with colours, laser etched text and, for a completely unique look, you can send us an image to be laser etched onto your earpieces.

Noise Reduction

For most people, including musicians, motorcyclists and factory employees, what you need to hear is as important as what you block out.

Earmuffs and earplugs can block out so much noise it is difficult to communicate, hear warning signals and music will sound distorted.

All the hearing protectors sold on this site are fitted with acoustic filters which will let you hear exactly what you need; speech, music, traffic, give you the perfect level of noise reduction for your needs.

Before making a decision, ask the following questions:

  • How long will I be wearing them for?
  • How often will I be wearing them?
  • What will be the yearly cost?
  • Is comfort important?
  • How much noise do I need to block out?
  • What sounds do I need to hear?


We’ve arranged this site to make it easy to find the right hearing protectors for your application, but for more information please don’t hesitate to get in touch.