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DIY Plugs Filtered

Minerva Hearing Protection Plugs Protect, Enhance and Preserve your hearing.

For reliable hearing protection Minerva Filtered DIYPlugs are custom-made to match your ear canals, creating a secure acoustic seal against noise.

Work around the home is surprisingly noisy and potentially deafening!  Your lawnmower produces noise up to 90dB. Your Electric Drill up to 100dB!!

Disposable ear plugs rarely achieve advertised noise reduction values and block out a high band of frequency.  The acoustic filters in Minerva custom earplugs do. We tailor the protection to reduce damaging frequencies but allow speech to be heard at close range. Unlike other custom and disposable earplugs which can leave you feeling isolated, Minerva DIY Plugs reduce noise without compromising safety.


Prices start from £115.00
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Minerva Music Plugs Protect, Enhance and Preserve your hearing.

The precision high fidelity acoustic filter gives a flat response.  This is acheived by reducing noise at different frequencies allowing your ears to hear the sounds you want to hear whilst reducing the overall volume.

A range of filters make them ideal For Musicians, DJ’s, Gig Goers, Sound Engineers… in fact anyone at all involved with music.

Prices start from £134.00
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Flight Plugs

Minerva Flight Plugs are specifically Designed to relieve the discomfort associated with air pressure changes during flight. The custom fit ensure comfort at all times and still allow the user to hear normal speech through the unique filter system.

Prices start from £134.00
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DS-11 Generic In Ear Monitors

The DS-11 is a generic fit Hi Fidelity in-ear monitor from Minerva Hearing Protection. Ready to use from the box, the DS-11 can be worn with the range of universal sleeves supplied with each pair.                                                            

You can upgrade your Minerva MusicPlugs, BikePlugs or WorkPlugs by replacing their filters with DS-11’s to give an adaptable custom it in-ear monitoring solution.

Prices start from £109.99
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ds11 ear plugs


The benefits of a good night’s sleep are well known, but often sleep can be difficult due to night-time noise. Minerva SleepPlugs are designed to help reduce ambient noise like snoring partners, noisy neighbours or traffic for a peaceful nights’ sleep.

Prices start from £78.95
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Earphone Sleeves for Apple

Earphone sleeves are custom fitted to the contours of your ears. They can be added to Apple earphones to improve sound quality and turn them into extremely comfortable noise reducing plugs. Ideal if you want reduce ambient noise and improve your listening experience.

Prices start from £95.00
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