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Mi Communicator

Mi-In Ear Communication Monitors feature High grade Transducers with Acu Pass technology. Built for applications which require accurate clear communication with noise isolation.

Minerva’s unique custom design ensures they protect against unwanted noise whilst connecting you to your radio comms system, team intercom, communication or any other equipment able to accept a 3.5mm jack plug. Giving unparalleled natural sound clarity.
They feature the same speakers that professional musicians use to offer a breath-taking audio experience.

Also available with optional handles for easy and quick insertion and removal.

Prices start from £216.00
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Mi Communicator ear plug

Motor Racing Plugs

Motor Racing Plugs utilise exclusive technology to provide ultimate protection with communication. The filter in each earplug allows damaging and high levels of noise to be isolated, whilst still allowing speech to be audible.

Traditional foam and ear defender type protection often over protect and waste valuable seconds when needing to remove them for communication even allowing dangerous levels of noise to flood into the ear when they are removed.

Prices start from £121.00
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Motor Racing ear plug

Presenter Earpieces

Widely used by those in the broadcast industry, The discreet open fitting ear piece with a spiral acoustic tube is ideal for communication directly to your ear, during live feed situations. These products are also perfect for presenters, sound engineers and also for use with any radio comm’s system for security, forces etc.


If you can attend our Cardiff office for impression taking or supply your own impressions please purchase using this page. 

Alternatively please contact us to see if we can help

Alternatively please search for your nearest Specsavers store to place an order using this link.

Prices start from £83.00
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Presenter Ear plug