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Minerva Music Plugs Protect, Enhance and Preserve your hearing.

The precision high fidelity acoustic filter gives a flat response.  This is achieved by reducing noise at different frequencies allowing your ears to hear the sounds you want to hear whilst reducing the overall volume.

A range of filters make them ideal For Musicians, DJ’s, Gig Goers, Sound Engineers… in fact anyone at all involved with music.

Minerva Filtered Hearing protection products are sold by Specsavers Hearing Centres. 

Please use the “Find Nearest Store” link below and contact them to organise an appointment for impression taking and selection of your product. 

If you wish to come to Minerva in Cardiff for impressions please click on the trolley link below to purchase on line

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Product Description

Music plugs protect your hearing and let you hear what you need by blocking out excessive noise and damaging frequencies. A range of filters make them ideal For Musicians, DJ’s, Gig Goers, in fact anyone at all involved with music.

Over the counter ear plugs are overkill for musicians. Not only are they often a poor fit and are uncomfortable, they block too much of the frequencies you need to hear and distort what you actually can hear. This makes it difficult to listen to and play music.

Minerva Music Plugs are different. They have high fidelity acoustic filter’s which reduce noise at different frequencies and work with your ears to improve how you hear the sounds you want to hear whilst reducing the overall volume. Their unique venting properties also reduce occlusion allowing you to hear your voice clearly.


They come in 3 different filter levels to suit your environment:

Music Plugs Green 
10dB flat attenuation – the ideal Gig Goers plug.*

Music Plugs White
18dB flat attenuation –  Ideal for most musicians offering about six times longer safe playing time.

Music Plugs Black
22dB flat attenuation – with a bias on Lower frequencies – ideal for drummers and higher noise levels.

We offer our unique filter exchange program should you find the filters you have ordered don’t give you the ideal amount of protection**

The filters are interchangeable if you need to swap to a different filter strength as your environment changes. Filters are also available to purchase separately. Click here to purchase

**filter exchange is available within 30 days from dispatch of order. One exchange per order.
* Music plugs with Green Filters are a comfort product. Attenuation levels at prescribed frequencies are not at levels for EN352.2 certification


What’s Included?

  • 1 pair of custom made Music Plugs with Grip Handles and Safety cords as standard
  • Impression taking and Otoscopy at one of our Nationwide fitting centres
  • Digital Impression storage
  • Custom Carrying case
  • Ear Comfort Cream
  • Instructions
  • Cleaning pin


Filters are tailored for all musicians and applications - hear clearly and play safely for up to 6 times longer, Hear what you need and block out what you don’t.

Comfortable, even after hours of use.

Discreet filters designed for musicians.

For a long lasting comfort, a safe to use earplug.

Distortion of your own voice is reduced by a dynamic filtered design and acoustically tuned vent.

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Additional Information

Filter Options

10dB – Green, 18dB – White, 22dB – Black

Laser Etching

None, Text, Picture


3D Printed flexible medical grade 70 shore silicone.


Handles to aid in removal.


Neck cord supplied with quick release grips.

Finish Options

Glitter, One Colour, Three Colours, Two Colour


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