Teacher Music Plugs


Minerva Music Teacher Music plugs protect, enhance and preserve your hearing letting you hear what you need by blocking out excessive noise and damaging frequencies. Giving an accurate audible representation in the form of complete fidelity allowing the music to be heard.

Ideal For Musicians, DJ’s, Gig Goers, in fact anyone at all involved with music.


Product Description

As a music teacher, long hours with students, often in small rooms, means your hearing is at risk from long term, irreparable hearing damage. But if you’ve tried using foam disposable earplugs you know that they won’t work well for your situation; they block out too much noise and distort the sound of music and voices.
The ideal earplug for music teachers would reduce the noise, but without reducing the fidelity of voice or music, and Minerva MusicPlugs do just that. By combining flat attenuation acoustic filters with comfortable custom made earplugs, MusicPlugs can be worn all day and it will sound like someone has just turned down the volume. Your hearing will be protected and you’ll be able to hear and teach your students effectively.

For peace of mind our exclusive filter exchange programme enables you to swap out your filters within 30 days if you find that you need a lower or higher attenuation.

What’s included

  • 1 pair of custom made Music Plugs with Grip Handles and Safety cords as standard
  • Impression taking and Otoscopy at one of our Nationwide fitting centres
  • Digital Impression storage
  • Custom Carrying case
  • Instructions
  • Cleaning pinFilter exchange within 30 days of dispatch of product – one exchange per order


Filters are tailored for all musicians and applications - hear clearly and play safely for up to 6 times longer, Hear what you need and block out what you don’t.

Comfortable, even after hours of use.

Discreet filters designed for musicians.

For a long lasting comfort. A safe to use earplug.

Distortion of your own voice is reduced by a dynamic filtered design and acoustically tuned vent.

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Additional information

Filter Options

10dB – Green, 18dB – White, 22dB – Black

Laser Etching

None, Text, Picture


3D Printed flexible medical grade 70 shore silicone.


Handles to aid in removal.


Neck cord supplied with quick release grips.

Finish Options

Glitter, One Colour, Three Colours, Two Colour


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