Moulds available for this process include all standard 3D manufactured Hard Acrylic and Silicone moulds and any other impressions that have been scanned upon request. Please note that there are some exceptions where moulds cannot be 3D manufactured where they have been made using traditional, manual methods. In these cases moulds will not have been scanned.
From October 2013 most impressions for hard acrylic and UV acrylic moulds have been scanned and stored.
From April 2015 impressions for most silicone moulds have been scanned and stored – 2108/9 Silicone, Biopor and Microflex.
24-Hour Fast Track requests, Some Colours, Glitters or Inserts. Thermotec moulds, Paediatric Fast Track.  Currently we do not scan any soft acrylic moulds, including Audiflex.
In line with BSA guidelines we recommend that re-prints can be done for up to 2 years.  After this time, especially with hearing protection, we recommend new impressions at the discretion of the audiologist – we do store scans for periods longer than 2 years, and are happy to reprint these on request.

If you would like a reprint from a scanned and stored impression       

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Any queries please contact customer services on 02920 837 330 or