Blast the target not your hearing.

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Gunplug Passive ear plug

Intelligent filters.

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For all types of shooting.

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GunPlug Passive

Custom Made “Impulse” Comfort Hearing Protection.

Custom made to the exact shape of your ears for ultimate comfort. Our Comfort ShootingPlugs filter out harmful gunshot noise whilst letting you hear normal conversation.

Using Hocks Filter Technology Minerva ShootingPlugs suppress noise to a safe hearing level, while allowing normal conversation to be heard.

Prices start from £121.00
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Gunplug Passive ear plugs

GunPlug Active

Active Filters incorporating smart technology.

Active circuitry blocks the loud gun report with the added feature of user selectable modes. These allow you to both zone in on your target and amplify local sounds to increase awareness of your surroundings.

Prices start from £472.00
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Active Earplugs